TommyHuttnerLicensed Electrician Minneapolis

My name is Tommy Huttner. I want to introduce myself and give you a quick run-down of my company. I have been a licensed electrician for 20 years and have owned my company, Tommy’s Electric for 10 years. In addition to myself, I employ two journeymen electricians. We specialize in residential remodeling work, however; we also have extensive experience in new home construction and light commercial projects. We are licensed by State of Minnesota (Contractor License number EA004358), which by law requires us to be bonded and insured.

All of works comes with following warranty:

Warranty, all materials and labor are guaranteed for two years from date of installation from any defects or failures due to installation and workmanship. The warranty is expressly limited to defects in workmanship or installation and shall not apply to defects or damages caused by defective products or materials, intentional acts, negligence, lack of maintenance or upkeep, or any other cause outside the reasonable control of Contractor.

This warranty does not cover burnt out light bulbs or any defective Customer provided materials or fixtures. Any call backs that are determined to be a result of defective owner provided materials or fixtures, may be subject to additional charges